My Life As A Paraplegic 

I am a paraplegic and have been since an automobile accident in December of 1977.  Since then I have learned not only how to survive but prosper.


I assume that you found this site on the Internet because you are looking for connection with the disabled community, specifically paraplegia.  For some time, I have wanted to share my experiences with others, mostly the recently disabled, in the hope of smoothing their transition to post-injury life.  It is my opinion that some of the so-called experts, who make their living from assisting the disabled, don’t have a clue how to really help (of course, there are always exceptions) and the press depicts SCI as being a battle of their personal will power to walk (They’re really missing the whole point and are ignorant of the breadth of symptoms) versus continuing impairment – its NOT!


On these pages, you will find out about me, my limitations, my hobbies and health.  Also you will learn about some of the tools and adaptations that I use to make my life easier and more fulfilling.  One central idea that I can’t overemphasize is to never make your life dependent on too many adaptations.  Doing so will greatly limit you in surviving in the real world, which is still a hostile place for wheelchairs, and I believe it will remain so.


As you explore this site you may be struck by its positive and optimistic tone.  I don’t mention regrets.  In reality, I have all sorts of regrets – from being a jerk as a teenager, to not wearing a seat belt, and to actions that have damaged friendships even though those actions seemed reasonable at the time.  I guess to some degree aging mellows a person and allows time to reflect.  But ultimately spending much time on those long ago mistakes isn’t productive.  I try not to repeat them today.

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I use pictures more than words following the old proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Take time to look carefully at each Picture Gallery.  By the way, you can click a photo to display its full-size image.

All the opinions expressed herein are my ownPERIOD!  Are my methods the best way or even the safest way to solve a problem?  Who knows.  Should you decide to make use of any of them, the risk is entirely yours as I don’t recommend or provide any warranty or guarantee.  However, everything on this website either happened directly to me or is in use by me.  If you find this website helpful, great!

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